More Success Stories

Greeting Cards

bysell_pic2 Increase in sale of greeting cards from 80 cards in 2002 to 28000 in Dec 2006


Annual Day celebration

All children got to perform in Annual Day celebration. Click here to View

  • Consistent training has helped one of our students to manage a 19hour flight with ease
  • Support for 3 children in the regular school has been weaned off as they are able to cope by themselves now. One child joined NIOS stream.
  • Some of our kids got prizes in the events organized outside Apoorva.
    1. Kalangana organized by IRC :Sanath got first prize, Rukvith got third prize and Kavyashree got consolation prize in drawing/painting competition.
    2. Sports Event Organised by Fame India: Sameer got second prize in soft ball.
    3. Splash organized by Concern India: Ishaan got second prize in painting competition.
    4. Two of our kids lakshya and Sanath participated in quizabledindia.
  • One of our very sensitive students had his decayed tooth removed (thanks to the coordinated efforts of the educators, care-giver, doctor, parents) and is coping very well.