Walkathon Day 2 – Rao Sahibs go past Kolar Nov. 19, 2009


Starting early morning at 3:00am from Emerald Resort near Hoskote, Rtn. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib reached Tamaka situated 5 KMs after Kolar. In the process they covered another 42KMs of their extraordinary pilgrimage. During the walk they experienced different weather conditions – sun was too hot from 10am to 2pm and as the trees had been removed for the widening of the Kolar highway, they found no places to take rest on the roadside. At 2:30pm it started to rain heavily that lasted for almost 2 hours. Yet, they were able to reach their target location by 5:30pm. They took their mid-day break at Madera Halli and rested for a while at the nearby Anjaneya Temple. They will rest tonight at the Woody’s Kolar at Tamaka.

As their astonishing journey has been widely covered by several TV news channels, they encountered many people who came to see them on the way. Among them were a family of husband, wife and a child who traveled more than 35Kms from Bangarpet to meet the Rao Sahibs. At Kolar, members of the Rotary Kolar Center and Kolar Rotary Club came to meet them at an Anjaneya temple on their way. There they had a short meeting and all of them wished great success to the Rao Sahibs.

Click here for photos of the Walkathon flag off.