Walkathon Day 4 – Rao Sahibs reach Palamaner Nov. 20, 2009


Today, Rtn. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib crossed the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border and arrived at Palamaner in Andhra Pradesh, covering a distance of 42KMs. About half of this distance is forest area of the Eastern Ghats. They had their mid-day break at Pathikonda. Tonight they will stay at Palamaner and early tomorrow will proceed towards Kanipakam, their next target. Today also lots of people who were driving on the highway, stopped their cars and motorcycles and talked to the Rao Sahibs appreciating their amazing pilgrimage and wishing them great success. According to Rao Sahib, this year a lot more people have become aware of their endeavor compared to any previous year. He attributed this to the media coverage his pilgrimage has received this year.

Click here for photos of the Walkathon flag off.