Walkathon Day 5 – Rao Sahibs are only about 60KMs from Tirumala Nov. 21, 2009


As their amazing journey continued, Rtn. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib arrived at Kanipakam which only about 60KMs from Tirumala. Starting from Palamaner at 3AM in the morning, they initially continued on the highway and had their breakfast at Bangarapalya. Then they took a short-cut (using a local road) to Kanipakam, there by reducing the distance by about 8KM to 42KMs. The heavy traffic in the Ghat section did slow them a bit in the morning as they could not walk on the road and had to walk (more carefully) on the side of the road. On the way they visited couple of old temples in the village called Mugil. They had their mid-day break at a school on the way. Tonight they will stay at Hotel Harsha at Kanipakam. Tomorrow early morning they will proceed towards Chandragiri on the foot of the Tirumala Hills.

Click here for photos of the Walkathon flag off.