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Walkathon Day 7 Nov. 23, 2009

The extraordinary pilgrimage and fundraiser walkathon of Rtn. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib concluded today with their arrival at the abode of Lord Sri Venkateswara at Tirumala. After walking 284Kms from their home in Bangalore, the journey completed this afternoon at 3PM with the ascending of 2384 steps from the foot of the hill to the abode of the Lord. Their amazing journey took almost 7 days – each day they covered a distance of more than 40KMs on average. Soon after arriving at Tirumala, they went for the Lord’s darshan.

Click here for photos of the Walkathon flag off.

Walkathon Flagged off Nov. 17, 2009

Today, the Fundraiser Walkathon by Rtn. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib from Bangalore to Tirumala was flagged off at a function organised by the Rotary Club-Bangalore Orchards, Inner Wheel Club- Bangalore Orchards and the Rotary Club –Bangalore Cantonment.

Inspite of the rain and the dampened atmosphere, the Rao Sahibs were undeterred and all the Rotary club members and the members of SAI were highly supportive of their efforts. The flag off ceremony was held at the Rotary Cantonment Premises at Coles Park, Bangalore.

Rotary Bangalore Orchards to Support Society for the Autistics in India Oct. 3, 2009

Rotary Bangalore Orchards to Support Society for the Autistics in India

Rotary Bangalore Orchards is supporting Society for the Autistics in India (SAI), a charitable trust dedicated to the welfare of children afflicted with Autism. The decision was taken in a meeting between the members of Rotary Bangalore Orchards headed by Rotarian Harikrishna Holla and the trustees of SAI, headed by its president, Mr. Kasturi Rangan. The Rotary Bangalore Orchards will assist SAI by sponsoring fund raising events.

Rotn. Rao Sahib Announces Fundraiser Walkathon

Rotarian S.R. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib, founders of M/s Nuthatch Nutricare Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru have announced that they will go on a fund raising walkathon from their home in Bangalore to Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateshwara, to help raise funds for the Society for the Autistics in India (SAI), a charitable organization working for the welfare of people affected by Autism. This event will be co-sponsored and supported by the Rotary Bangalore Orchards.

As a first step in their decision to support SAI, Rotary Bangalore Orchards and Rotarian S.R. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib have come together to hold this fundraiser event. Rotarian Rao Sahib announced that the walkathon will be flagged off from their residence in Bangalore on November 17, 2009 and culminate with the darshan of Lord Balaji Venkateshwara on the Tirumala Hills on November 23, 2009.

Rotarian Rao Sahib and his family have been worshiping Lord Venkateshwara by going on annual pilgrimage on foot, since 1999, from their residence in Bangalore to Tirumala Hills, a distance of 284Kms. This is their 10th pilgrimage and they are combining their very personal devotion to the Lord of the Seven Hills with a noble cause – raising funds for our Trust which will be used to support Apoorva Center, our educational and vocational training unit for children with autism.

We at SAI are very thankful to them and wish them a great success and request you to support their efforts through your donations.

Walkathon Day 2 – Rao Sahibs go past Kolar Nov. 19, 2009


Starting early morning at 3:00am from Emerald Resort near Hoskote, Rtn. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib reached Tamaka situated 5 KMs after Kolar. In the process they covered another 42KMs of their extraordinary pilgrimage. During the walk they experienced different weather conditions – sun was too hot from 10am to 2pm and as the trees had been removed for the widening of the Kolar highway, they found no places to take rest on the roadside. At 2:30pm it started to rain heavily that lasted for almost 2 hours. Yet, they were able to reach their target location by 5:30pm. They took their mid-day break at Madera Halli and rested for a while at the nearby Anjaneya Temple. They will rest tonight at the Woody’s Kolar at Tamaka.

As their astonishing journey has been widely covered by several TV news channels, they encountered many people who came to see them on the way. Among them were a family of husband, wife and a child who traveled more than 35Kms from Bangarpet to meet the Rao Sahibs. At Kolar, members of the Rotary Kolar Center and Kolar Rotary Club came to meet them at an Anjaneya temple on their way. There they had a short meeting and all of them wished great success to the Rao Sahibs.

Click here for photos of the Walkathon flag off.

Walkathon Day 4 – Rao Sahibs reach Palamaner Nov. 20, 2009


Today, Rtn. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib crossed the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border and arrived at Palamaner in Andhra Pradesh, covering a distance of 42KMs. About half of this distance is forest area of the Eastern Ghats. They had their mid-day break at Pathikonda. Tonight they will stay at Palamaner and early tomorrow will proceed towards Kanipakam, their next target. Today also lots of people who were driving on the highway, stopped their cars and motorcycles and talked to the Rao Sahibs appreciating their amazing pilgrimage and wishing them great success. According to Rao Sahib, this year a lot more people have become aware of their endeavor compared to any previous year. He attributed this to the media coverage his pilgrimage has received this year.

Click here for photos of the Walkathon flag off.

Walkathon Day 5 – Rao Sahibs are only about 60KMs from Tirumala Nov. 21, 2009


As their amazing journey continued, Rtn. Rao Sahib and Ann Lalitha Rao Sahib arrived at Kanipakam which only about 60KMs from Tirumala. Starting from Palamaner at 3AM in the morning, they initially continued on the highway and had their breakfast at Bangarapalya. Then they took a short-cut (using a local road) to Kanipakam, there by reducing the distance by about 8KM to 42KMs. The heavy traffic in the Ghat section did slow them a bit in the morning as they could not walk on the road and had to walk (more carefully) on the side of the road. On the way they visited couple of old temples in the village called Mugil. They had their mid-day break at a school on the way. Tonight they will stay at Hotel Harsha at Kanipakam. Tomorrow early morning they will proceed towards Chandragiri on the foot of the Tirumala Hills.

Click here for photos of the Walkathon flag off.