Welcome to SAI

The Society for the Autistics in India (SAI) is a non-profit charitable trust founded by a group of parents of autistic children with an objective of educating/training individuals with autism. The trust was formed in 1995 in Bangalore. India. registered under National Trust and DNA.Board of Trustees is selected by the trustees for managing the actitvities of the trust for a period of 5 years. The Board in turn appoints various management committees to look after the specific responsibilities like running the school, generation of resources, and training.

  Our Vision

An autism friendly world that ensures an individual with autism lead a happy and comfortable life

 Our Mission

To help in creating an autism friendly world by

  • Educating people about autism
  • Training special educators
  • Counselling and supporting families with special kids
  • Participating in research on autism
  • Spreading awareness on autism


  • Early Intervention
  • Comminication Development Program
  • Vocational Training

Our Goals

  • Own Premisis
  • Respite Care
  • Vocational tie-up for older students

Recent News

Apoorva children make us feel proud by winning prizes in all the competitions in Kalangana 2017.

- Sameer got special prize in Arts

- Sameer and Rohan got second prize in group singing

- Rohan got third prize in dance

-Manjushree mam got special prize in Arts (Teachers Category)

Upcoming Events

Annual Day in Feb 2018